Overview of Price Paid Already (P.P.A ) Isaiah 53 . By Shonaman

OVERVIEW OF Price Paid Already (P.P.A ALBUM) Isaiah 53

(By Shonaman)


One day when I was at a friend’s place the name Price Paid Already (P.P.A.) came into my mind like I knew exactly what it meant. It then became an anthem to me, shouting it in every track and writing it in every post that I would do on social networks.  Later on the Holy Spirit imparted in me Isaiah 53 which then was associated with P.P.A meaning the Price is Paid Already.  After reading Isaiah 53 there was a great connection between P.P.A and the whole chapter. I decided to give an overview of what the Holy Spirit has given me through P.P.A.

The book of Isaiah talks about the coming of Christ.  I like how the Prophet Isaiah spoke in past tense as if he lived during the life of Christ, as well as after his crucifixion.  Isaiah tells the whole story about how Christ was led to the cross and how the world denied him.  Inspiring me to believe this chapter, especially verse 5, is something that should cause us to celebrate in our everyday lives as Christians. The Price Paid Already phrase works well for me when I connect it to Mathew 10:31 for we “are of more value than many sparrows”(NKJV).

As Christians we should know our value and display our price tag everywhere we go just as the world places value on material things.  Such as a person wearing designer clothes like Gucci places value on their wardrobe.  As we accept Christ as our price tag, we are more valuable than the world, because of the price He paid for our souls.I just feel so special right now, I was created in the image of God and God didn’t want to lose his image. I am saved, you are saved and the whole world can be saved.

Psalm chapter 8 talks about how majestic God is out of all the things He created He was so mindful of man that He created us in His image. DOESN’T THAT REALY MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL! I mean he paid the prize for you and me. I’m extremely thankful and privileged to know that He loved me that much. As I bring this overview to an end it, it is my desire that all people come to know him and accept the gift of eternal life …For the price has already been paid.



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